wild crust bakery

Real Bread, the way bread should be.

Farmers Markets

Wild Crust Bakery can be found at the Bundoora farmers market

1st Saturday of the month

Bundoora Farmers Market, Plenty Road, Bundoora

8am to 12noon

Lyn will take orders for Bundoora Farmers Market

contact 0438 063 824

Bread will be held until 11am, after which the bread will be sold

The following varieties of breads available at Bundoora Farmers market are:

Batard  (white )

Farmhouse cob (50:50 plain, wholemeal)

10 Grain cob (50:50 plain, wholemeal with  multi-grains)

Spiced Fruit cob (white with sultanas, raisins, currants and mixed spice)

Olive and Rosemary cob (white with kalamata olives and dried rosemary)

Pumpkin cob (white with mashed pumpkin added)

Rye cob

Spelt cob

Wholemeal Spelt cob

Fig and Walnut


2 thoughts on “Farmers Markets

  1. Grammar police: “after which the bread will sold”

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